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That's embarrasing. lol
[Image: aCDA]
Ya I know my host lowered it out of the blue it's going to be fixed by the end of the day when my host guy is online... Also we have a new domain we might buy that will be more fitable.
What should I add here?
(2011-12-14, 11:45 AM)Skuddle Wrote: That's embarrasing. lol
[Image: aCDA]

How is that embarrassing? A site with that much awesomeness overloads servers like it's nothing.
I have a domain in mind to getting the activity going better, but I want to keep this domain for this contest, because I think it would better off just keeping this one then after this year I will buy the other domain in mind. . I have a couple of great items to giveaway in the contest.. For example I have some graphics from Rihtar designs, lots of domains, VIP accounts, graphics, and maybe even some databases.
What should I add here?

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