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Hello, fellow Miners!

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What should I add here?
I'm sorry, but that theme is ugly (my opinion). The .trow colors (both) are horrible with that .thead which I think is equally as ugly. I like the background and the header image, gives it more of a minecraft feel to it, but it's ugly from then on. I hope you didn't pay for that theme, lol.

As for the content, there's not much. Try and aim to make at least 20 threads a day yourself, you might get bored but hey, it's worth it (do you own this site btw?). Nice to see you again noreturn, every time I do you're advertising some other site lol. Oh, it's also a nice sign that you have running contests Smile.
Nope its my site, also I would login to MF(Nice new theme) but I forgot my password.. Ya were working on new theme... any suggestions...

Also we opened yesterday Smile forgot to mention that.
Got a new theme up, what do you guys think now?
What should I add here?
Looks good. Now just to fill the site with content.
I liek the theme but it has no relation to minecraft :/
Thanks, yes I'm going to start working on adding a lot of content daily.. and theme that is because the site has nothing to do with minecraft.
What should I add here?
After being open for 3 days here is our status:

Our members have made a total of 101 posts in 40 threads.
We currently have 12 members registered.
Please welcome our newest member, FB92
The most users online at one time was 18 on Yesterday at 08:18 AM
What should I add here?
We are getting a bigger sized host and a better host to make the site load faster.
Our members have made a total of 131 posts in 46 threads.
We currently have 14 members registered.
Please welcome our newest member, loceemymn
The most users online at one time was 18 on 09-09-2011 at 08:18 AM

Were coming along slowly but surely come and join up to advertise and help your forum grow.
What should I add here?
Seems like a decent forum. I would suggest you to enchant the theme a bit to make it more unique so that you'll be "better" than other forums that are using the exact same free theme as you are using at this moment.

Good luck!
Andraž Rihtar
Blogger, irateANIME
Ya, I'm going to. I hoping to get that done sometime this week.
What should I add here?

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