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Not Solved [General] In need of help (Thread editor is bugged)
Not Solved
Problem: When I create a new thread, the post editor is messed up
URL: http://riotservers.net/forum/
Test Account: Testuser Password: password
Any help?
More info
Portal 2 theme installed
Donation Page (2.1)

MyShoutbox (1.6)

NewPoints (1.9.2)

Profile Comments (0.9.2)

Steamprofile (1.1)

Tera Donation Module v1.2 (1.2.1)

Thank You/Like System (1.4)

Thumbs Post Rating (1.3)

It works on different themes.
It won't let me remove the theme and readd it. Just lets me remove the theme but when I remove the files from the server and reupload the xml it still gives the same theme even though the files are different =/
if you need my template ask =/ I need this issue fixed
Not Solved
You can fix it with New thread template.
www.vubscs.com ( A new way of Mybb)
Not Solved
Overlapping editor? http://community.mybb.com/thread-75337.html
Not Solved
abc def
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