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Otaku Space
[Image: 33eki0w.gif]
Otaku Space is a Forum for people who like anime and manga. We discuss it, what we like, don't like, and recommend manga to others. Our 36 members have 1,292 posts in 230 threads.

Fun fact: this is the second time around for Otaku Space. Originally, it was hosted by Medz, with his old webhost, Sparkweb Creation. However, we experienced several problems upgrading MyBB and adding extra domains, which ultimately destroyed both Sparkweb Creation and Otaku Space. Nonetheless, Medz was kind enough to help me rebuild it from the ground up. So, if anyone ever wonders what some of us on there mean by "the old Otaku Space", now you know. Big Grin

Please, I want feedback!
I am not fan of dark themes as they aren't much eyes-friendly Smile

font is too small. I doubt if anyone will read it...Sure, users may zoom in it, but don't forget that members are usually lazy Smile
I agree, however the theme would benefit from a white font a few pixels larger. Other than that I can see the potential for Manga fans.

- The characters in your top banner are great, tells the user most of what they need to know about what the forum is about right from the off.
- It passes the "cover-up" test, cover up the logo text and you still know what the forum is about.
- Forum is logically divided into sections.


- Theme is too dark for my liking, not a fan.
- You have a few too many forums for starting out, you could lose a few wait for the forum to populate then create new sections.
- The font for the logo text is really really bad, looks tacky and outdated.

Rating: 5/10

I think with a bit of work your forum could be great, but it's not there yet for me.
Major overhaul, including new banner, new lighter theme, larger letters, and so on!

This is: bump 1/5.
You need a TLD. It's not an option to go with if you want your forum to become successful.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
(2011-09-30, 10:08 PM)Malcolm. Wrote: You need a TLD. It's not an option to go with if you want your forum to become successful.

Thanks for the advice. We'll get one eventually, hopefully in the next one or two months.
At least get a .tk, seeing as isn't even indexed by Google.
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Default forum icons...
And as others mentioned, TLD please.
Just purchased yesterday, so I'm bringing this back again for more commentary. Bump 2/5

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