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Hi, I have changed my theme from 8e to the PhotoshopBliss v3 theme. Although the only problem is that I don't have a suitable thanks button, it displays a dead image. If someone would take the time necessary to create me a similar one of even find me one which looks similar to the current buttons of the theme I'm using then I'd be very thankful.

Here's some of my buttons and the dead image represents the thanks button:

[Image: 9179c.png]

Website URL:

So, just something similar to the following buttons:

[Image: postbit_edit.gif]

[Image: postbit_quote.gif]


I'm in need of a Remove thanks & a Add Thanks button.
I appreciate it.
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In the PhotoshopBliss v3 package there should be a PSD of the buttons you can use to make new buttons.
-Paul H.

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I prefer to use thumbs up/down images.

[Image: thumb.png]

[Image: thumb-up.png]

''Remove Thanks'' and ''Add Thanks'' won't fit on those buttons anyway.
[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
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This isn't exactly general support; I'm moving this to theme support.

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