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Not Solved Please Help
Not Solved
I get This Problem When Trying to Put The EzIRC Chat on my Forum

[Image: a6a2cbcc8d70e785ec1b15d66952056a]

(If Image Did Appear)
Not Solved
have you installed recent version of ezIRC ?

check if all files are uploaded to correct folders AND forum directory path is correct in the main file

PHP Code:
$forumdir "./"// change this if you want the script to work outside your forums.. 
Not Solved
I Think do I Have it Correct version it only has the plugin folder and the main root php Link to Newest Version to make sure i have it?
Yes i do have the current Version
Comes With Plugin
and Main php File
Not Solved
^ forum URL please ... AND if I am not mistaken, it is chat.php on root folder (not chatbox.php)
Not Solved
SavageModding.com and I changed The Name of The File To Chatbox? Does it MatteR?
Not Solved
^ ensure that you have $forumdir = "./"; around line 11 on your chatbox.php file
Not Solved
What? O.o Sorry Confused lol

Not Solved
if you are confused then you may use this file at your forum root directory (rename earlier as chatbox_old.php)
Not Solved
Thanks Man ChaT work How Can i Get it So Only People for my site are in it? Like I see 31 people are in it

Not Solved
^ it should be your channel for your forum unless you click on some other user name & start chat ...
ask someone from your forum to join to experiment with it ... (see details at wiki)
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