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A forum for sale
Board Name : Hosting Help - Your Destination For Real And Free Suport

Board Url :- <snip>

Why I want to sell :- Actually i love my site very much but soon my exams and different level of competition are gonna started. So i will be busy.

Description :- This is unique idea and i am sure everyone will love it .
Site established one month ago.

The sale is include of domain + Database + all mybb files.

However if you need hosting then i will manage for around 2 dollar per month costs. Also if necessary i will manage a hosting for one month for free.

According to cloud-flare in last month there is
48,101 Page views
1,246 Unique visitors
104 Unique crawlers
Many traffic has been banned because they are identified as spammer.

I also maded a coupon page that is :- <snip>
The sale will included with this page also. You will also provide Facebook and twitter page for this site

Buy now Price is $40.
The bid will start from $5 . Thanks !
??? Huh i need Bamboo Pad for my signature Huh
??? Huh i need Bamboo Pad for my signature Huh
It will be more than 8 months. I am going out to different states for different competitions.
That's why i am selling
??? Huh i need Bamboo Pad for my signature Huh

Quote:Below are some examples of what can be advertised here:

(1) Domain names that contain the term "MyBB" or "MyBulletinBoard" and have been registered for at least 3 months

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