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Like My Forums Facebook And Twitter Pages(I Will Give +Reps)
Hi Friends,

Here is the facebook page link-


Here is the link for Twitter-

*Get +Reps after liking both. Wink

Bapun Raz Smile
Quote:Below are some examples of what can be advertised here:
Developed MyBB powered websites
(1) Domain names that contain the term "MyBB" or "MyBulletinBoard" and have been registered for at least 3 months
Offerings & Requests for MyBB theme and modification development both paid and free
Partnership and forum staff openings
Offerings & Requests for paid posting
(2) MyBB specific hosting or Multiforum style hosting which offers MyBB support
So Jason mate where to post thread like this? Sad
This doesn't seem good. Kind of rep exchange.. Mods should ban these kind of request to preserve the importance of reps
thread reported

Guide to bank accounts, credit cards and investments.
(09-29-2011, 01:20 PM)Bapun Raz Wrote: So Jason mate where to post thread like this? Sad

You can not post something like this anywhere on this site. Check the site rules already quoted above.

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