Not Solved XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity
Not Solved
hey well on my website chat.php which is a iframe to ajax chat and on the sitemap-index.xml it doesnt work and on some other pages can some one please tell me how to fix this
[Image: Qr80V.png]

please note i used firebug firefox extension to replace my website url with MYWEBSITE

can you please help i have had this problem multiple times and the only way i fixed it before was to completely start again from scratch thanks

i can provide login details for test account if needed just reply and i will pm u them
edit: it works when all plugins disabled via the disable all plugins setting
ok i found the problem Big Grin

this plugin
[Image: hZcSd.png]

as soon as i disable that plugin it all works fine
can some 1 tell me how to fix this plugin
also noticed this got moved - its original problem i wasnt sure if was plugin or mybb related but then after disabling plugins it was obviously a plugin problem so thanks for moving
ok found the problem 100% fixed i hope

(2011-09-30, 04:05 PM)PJGIH Wrote: Erg, sorry. There are two lines of whitespace at the end of the file. Delete them and you should be good.

he randomly had 2 spaces at the end of the code deleted them blank spaces now no problems Big Grin

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