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Not Solved [Installing] just a try
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is there anything (plugin or modification) that i can view the forum links like this....

can i make a link with in a box...

[Image: 2GmkL.jpg]

Not Solved
An expert might provide a MyCode to achieve that

there is a plugin on an external site for above requirement

Not Solved
No plugin needed for this, use the "[code]" tags in order to do this.
Not Solved
If you use the above plugin, it will convert all URLs anybody posts into boxes like that. So you're better off using (as Known mentioned) the code tags.
Not Solved
thanks for reply's..........

ya bro we have to use starting side

 end side 

it is good,,,,

but can i make a modification that if any user writes the url...
in the post or thread..

i need to convert automatically...

like the shown in box..

ya bro

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