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Wulf Howl; Otherkin Community
Wulf Howl is an alternative otherkin website. It contains information related to otherkin, therianthropy, and vampirism. The website's format is primarily a large forum, but it also contains instant messaging & chatting functionality among its members. Wulf Howl runs the MyBB forum software with customizations made by its administration team. Wulf Howl is owned by myself (Shiro Ulv), a former werelist docent.

Wulf Howl runs MyBB 1.6 with many customizations.

Wulf Howl has a vast array of features not commonly found on other otherkin communities. Wulf Howl's profile system includes an "Otherkin Card"; a profile box explaining each user's theriotype(s) and personal experience with therianthropy. Wulf Howl also has an instant message and live chat system, a virtual currency, reputation and rating system, articles system, UserMap, and more!

Check it out!
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Consider removing the "you are not logged in or registered" plugin.
It's really annoying. And don't consider the alternative, which is the floating black box.

I like your forum descriptions.
I think the logo can use more work.
I like the theme as well.
Seems like a good forum, good luck. I might register today.
look like nice smooth forum
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
There are lots of better themes their.

[Image: logo2.png]

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