Discuss: MyBB 1.1.6 Released
Yeah, use the patch

EDIT: or justcopy over the new functions.php file
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Any chance that this is a hacker?
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Im all updated, thanks for the fix (even though my forum is kinda just for me Toungue)
Will78 Wrote:haha this is so funny you all

the site that did all the hacking of MyBB and IPB forums this week meaning found MyBB exploits and IPB's recent ones

has an illegal IPB Rolleyes
I fail to find any humor in that.
quite incredible the addslashes is forgotten on such an important variable, but hey everybody makes mistakes. Glad it was found soon.
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zymic Wrote:they deleted my forums Sad

[Image: 206dixy.gif]

You should check in the Admin CP if they hid the forums instead.
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Jasper Wrote:quite incredible the addslashes is forgotten on such an important variable, but hey everybody makes mistakes.
I guess nobody expected slashes to be in the IP address, since it's not a typical get/post/cookie variable. Mistakes like this help you learn. Toungue
Updated! Thanks!!
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Indeed, easiest update I did so far for MyBB Smile

well...I'm still setting up my first forum ever, so this is actualy also my first update...but I'm glad to see the response speed (and simplicity in this case) to security problems.

Good job Chris Smile
Can someone tell me what this website is about? A user of mine pointed this out to me as we have recently had someone claiming that he has "hacked" a users password and logged in as him.

Ive updated MYBB to 1.6 but i wanted to know what this website was about? Is this a hacker site about MYBB? Sorry to be such a noob but its better to ask then to wonder.


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