Discuss: MyBB 1.1.6 Released
MaryJane: That page lists some exploits for MyBB, but none of them apply to version 1.1.6. It's not uncommon for exploits in popular applications to be posted publicly on security-related websites. Smile
This reminds me of a question. If IP adresses can be manipulated by headers, then can IP addresses also be spoofed and false too?
I think yes, but not sure.
But i'm pretty sure that most advanced firewalls (like for example Kerio WinRoute) are able to prevent this from happening, before your webserver receives the request.
Yes Tiki, IPs can be spoofed, though it's easier to just use a proxy server, in my opinion.
Woah, learn something new every day, i think its time i did an update, i just realised im still running 1.1.1 ROFL! :p
I need to skin my forum anywho.. Toungue..

So does anyone know who these hackers are yet? or any links to them?
and they hacked albumbase's forum :@!
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