Add secret PIN to ACP login
Generate a password which has 100 characters and use that.

That way it's not easy enough for people to guess. Big Grin
however a "hacker" must know how impeccably to go to the "ACP"
we not see from the length of password characters but see the quality of security
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Thanks a lot for making this, I do have one odd problem however. I have follow this and it's showing the pin key on the Admin panel now. But I get an error when trying to add the:
Quote:$config['acp_pin'] = 'pin here';

After of course adding the pin I get an error on the forum, but the really strange thing is that even know I added the original config.php file back I can still see that the pin setting has been added?

How on earth is it somehow allowing it to be added, I don't understand how it can be working when the pin is not added into there.

^ we have to modify two other files along with config.php - if you revert it back then you also have to undo edits to other 2 files.
(2013-05-14, 08:06 AM).m. Wrote: ^ we have to modify two other files along with config.php - if you revert it then you also have to revert other two files.

I have edited all the other files, they have been added to FTP in correct suggested edits, it's only the one I mentioned that when edited gives an error. However the pin still works and there is no problem, I'm just confused as to how/why it's still somehow knowing the pin even know it's not added into the: config.php

Thanks for sharing
Good job Wink
Thanks. It worked like a charm
works good, thanks.

I was not able to get this to work with patches..anyone else?
Is ./admin/inc/class_page.php: the issue? I moved to using the plugin instead because of it.

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