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Requesting PHP Editing help
Basically need to soup out my site. Willing to pay a pretty penny to anyone who can.
What's needed to be added..
-Ventrilo monitor
-Implement a "Vote" page for my Minecraft server. I.e vote [ I have a vote.php and vote.html that was generated, I just don't know how to implement them into the pages. ]
-Server watcher
-Donate button / donate monitor (Show when a user donates and what the total amt donated is, goals)
-News section
-General concept of default text and some colour changes.
-Chat box

Type of forums: MyBB [ ]
FTP Access, loaded in Dreamweaver if you'd like to teamviewer it.

Instant replies from Steam: lg_lifesgood
or ventrilo,
a couple of above requirements need expert coders AND their service fee happens to be high !!
however you may contact (NOT in any specific order) : codicious , cohen , yaldaram ...

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