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Announcements like in phpBB
Agree with announcements like in phpBB.

In phpBB announcements work as normal thread. User can post in announcement thread etc.
I don't know, why mybb created system different between normal thread and announcement thread, for me not make any sense. If MOD not want anyone post in announcement thread need only close announcement thread like in phpBB.

Example of announcement thread in phpBB (possible post):
Yes yes yes. Please Yes! This would be a great change.
I also think announcements should be global threads with extra permissions (such as for making a thread global, editing a global thread, reverting a thread to non-global state, replying to global threads, etc.). Positives:
- no need for MCP/ACP pages - less code, templates
- ability to reply if needed - I've seen at least several requests for this in 1.x
- other mod tools will work with it

- additional code for stuff like specific forum's counters or permissions, but that shouldn't be a big problem and as I mentioned more time will be saved by not writing additional ACP/MCP pages
+1, I like it
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It would be cool to see a short preview of the most recent announcement on the index as well.

Most forums I've used before MyBB treated announcements as threads, where people could post to them (if the announcement was open, instead of closed). In WBB 3, creating a new thread allows staff to optionally create an announcement and if creating an announcement, show a list of forums to choose from on where to post the announcement in (selecting all forums would make it a global announcement, and whatever forum it was created in would be linked to by other sections of the board). It would be pretty cool if announcements were handled similarly, where you could select the forums you wish to "post" the announcement in, that way if a staff wants to post an announcement they don't have to go to a control panel just to do it.

Your feature suggestion has been accepted as a planned feature to be implemented in MyBB 2.0. Thanks for your contribution!
Now that this has been accepted in 2.0 will you be able to reply to announcments?

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