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I'm more interested in your opinion over the skin than anything else.
It took a long time (30 secs or so) to load up. (I'm on broadband.) The style's dark, which I usually don't like, but it works well. I don't care for the large size of the header. The indicators look nice. I don't care for the new thread graphic. It's barely noticable because of it's dark interior background. There are no posts in the forums so I can't review the postbit, unfortunately.

Overall, pretty good. Just needs some minor changes. - Parent-to-Parent discussion forums
Yeah, it is really dark, I can barely see the table headers. But I suppose it works with the overall theme of the forum (dark and creepy). Kind of has a halloween-ish feel to it with the black and orange. You should post so we can see the postbit ^^
I liked it. But, yes, the header image is slow to load (I'm on dialup... (sob) ) and could probably be optimized a bit.

The orange and black is nice, but not sure of the white body background... too bright for everything else. (nevermind, the body background image was slow to load... told ya I was on dialup!)

I'm getting a white vertical stripe down the right side of the forum. (about 2 or 3 pixels, viewing in Firefox 1.5something)
The overall theme itself is good. However, like others have said, it took way too long to load up.

I suggest using a smaller background image.

But from what I see the BG Image is just one solid color, black.

So then I would suggest using #000000 as the BG Color instead of the image.
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i really like it, is very nice!! i like the postbit images... and the new post/no new posts icons.... everything looks good... only the banner i thinks that is to heavy
[Image: banner468x60.jpg]
[Image: bluelogo2.gif]
It looks nice. Good work!
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
The skin is exceptionally good for the theme of your forum. I can't say I love how the theme looks, but it suits your forum well. I'm not experiencing slow loading, it actually loads quite fast for me. I would advise you to increase the font size a bit, because I'm finding the posts hard to read from a reasonable (more than one arm length) distance from my monitor.
Peter Akkies
Thank you all for your advice, praise, and concerns. Smile I made the header image and background image smaller for those who thought it was too slow; I'll be working on that more this week.
I've made the header logo a smaller file size for you (from the current 346kb to 88kb)

I think the theme looks really good. Smile

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