Not Solved 'font' and 'text size' colours in "new reply" box; background colours
Not Solved

I want to change the "font" and "text size" font colours in the "new reply" box. They appear to be too light. Also, I want to change the background colour of the reply box itself.

I was thinking I would change this in the template, so I wouldn't have to tamper with the colours used on the forum itself - creating a new class and use it in this way.

However, I can't seem to find the template code that manages this colour; When I browse the "new reply" template I only find objects referring to the code I'm looking for, however, I can't find the code itself in the templates...

[Image: naamloosnt.jpg]

I've highlighted the code I'm talking about; you can see the $message and $codebuttons objects, if anyone can tell me where to find the code behind these objects i'ld by very happy.

thanks for looking.
Not Solved
myBB editor has a separate stylesheet ( look in jscripts\editor_themes\ )

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