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Solved: 10 Years, 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago [Performance] Slow
Solved: 10 Years, 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago
From the host:

Quote:You may have noticed your site has started running slowly again. I would like to reassure that everything has been done on our side that we can. This is not an issue with our servers but an issue with something on your website. Now you will remember I said that we tested it on a different server environment - This was carried out earlier last week and the tests initially indicated that the issue was occuring on the Freedom server only.

The reason for this issue, as we managed to fix yesterday was the fact that whatever website/ IP address your site is attempting to connect to was being blocked. Now however, I believe the website it is attempting to connect to is down/ unavailable and we have also observed this issue occuring on our UK server where we replicated your site.

As we have now ruled out the possibility of this problem being on the server side, the code on your website will need to be corrected to resolve the issue. I recommend you speak to the person who developed your website, or alternatively we would be happy to provide a quotation to resolve this issue and work out exactly what your site is doing.

There seems to be a 15 second hang on the home page, only the home page.

What could it be? Huh
Damn! Sorted it, my mistake. That patch!! Big Grin

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