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Solved: 7 Years, 10 Months ago Forum Collum and Backround
Solved: 7 Years, 10 Months ago
1. My forum category table backround becomes two different colors, i make a category then it's grey next one it will be black. How can I make it just grey? Edit: I was playing around and i turned everything black now.. It was spose to be grey..

2. I have the ficons plugin on my site, when i uploaded the first two ficons it was fine until i got to the 3Rd and 4Th. When I upload them, the image shows but there is a whole bunch of space on both sides which make the ficon collum very wide.


Thanks in advance.
Solved: 7 Years, 10 Months ago
I can't see your board. Please open it.
-Paul H.

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