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Not Solved My page doesn't understand the variables
Not Solved
Yes, my index.php is the principal "landing page" which includes several other pages.

if($mybb->user["uid"]) {
} else {

thats a snippit from the index.php page.
Not Solved
Ok, then delete the include("global.php"); thing Smile
-Paul H.

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Not Solved
Just tried that and it took me to the login page, tried to login and got a white page with an error. That was just after taking include (global.php) out from the index page.
Not Solved
(10-19-2011, 06:41 PM)Knerba Wrote: got a white page with an error.

Knowing the error message might help someone diagnose the problem.
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Not Solved
Sorry got confused there, it wasn't really an error page. Well it was with no error message. It just stopped me from logging in. I think that's linked to the fact that the index.php (custom page) has a login form. It practically said "Logging in" then took me back to the login page.
Not Solved
Anybody?! :O

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