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Not Solved [General] Weird problem in MyBB 1.6
Not Solved
Hello MyBB Community,

I have a myBB forum I'm trying to launch. I really don't want to start over because it has the most posts I've ever had on a forum..

It is myBB 1.6.4, and this happens on all browsers, it's an ACP issue and I have asked friends to test it and it does the same for them as well.

What happens is when I go to, "Users & Groups" in the ACP, and click "Options" next to a user, it doesn't work, all it does is, down in the bottom left of the browser, it prints,
It doesn't scroll out the menu like it should.

I've no idea what to do and I really do not want to start over as we are just getting to our feet, so I'd appreciate if someone could help me Smile

Here are some screenshots:

[Image: RwRsjl.png]

[Image: y4z5Yl.png]

Please help me Smile
Please and thank you beforehand.


Link to forum:

Not Solved
Not Solved
It's down in the bottom. The bitly.
Not Solved
What plugins do you have?
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Not Solved
None, I deleted them all. Fresh install with a backed up db and backed up style.
Not Solved
most probably someone experienced should check the issue with required temporary privileges ...
Not Solved
Bump for my friend, he really needs help. It's keeping him from being able to manage his forum very well.

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