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Move my forum to a new web host.
After over 8 hours of working on this issue, I just can't seem to do it. So I'm requesting someone to do it for me here.

You can see more about my problem here:

To summarize the problem, all seems fine until I start activating the plugins, etc. I do a fresh install of MyBB on the new web host. Then I move the database. Then I upload the files. Now the site looks normal. But once I go to the admin panel and start activating plugins, I see those weird symbols as shown in the thread linked above. Right now I have my domain pointed back to the old web host so If you decide to do this, you'll be working on a temporary URL for the new web host and once everything seems fine, we'll point the domain back and just change the settings so it matches the actual domains.

I'm moving from Fatcow hosting to hosting.

The new host met all the requirements except for the translation extension which the support is installing right now.

Thanks for any help Confused
By the way guys, this is paid. Forgot to mention that. :/ But please don't PM me with outrageous prices... I really only have small budget and this issue wasn't even in my mind until yesterday.
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Did you create the database with the same collation as the old one?
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PM me ftp/phpmyadmin/mybb admin login details and I'll take care of this for you.
@Rukbat, yes I did.

@G33K Thanks for the offer but after literally over 30 hours of time in front of the computer, I fixed it! Turns out that it was something that I never could have guessed. GZIP! In the ACP-> Server Optimization settings, it looks like whenever I turn the Gzip compression on this happens and when I turn it off the symbols go away. It's weird though as my host does support Gzip but I'm still happy and proud. Wink
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GZIP seems to have issues with hostings.

It depends in your hosting.

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