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Solved: 8 Years ago How I'll fix them ?
Solved: 8 Years ago
Hey guys.
Idk wat happens. by whenever I go to any members profile the avatar size is soo big.
and wen anyone reply to a thread it doesn't show that.
It shows in something strange manner
here are pics.
[Image: RoO4g.png]

[Image: WBSwq.png]
Solved: 8 Years ago
1. forum URL , active theme name & test user account help in providing better suggestion

2. you are using threaded mode - need to use linear mode . this is through a setting
in admin control panel AND also through user options at user control panel ...

admin panel --> configuration --> settings --> show thread options -->
Usenet Style Thread View <-- select No & save settings

see also related tutorial : set same thread view for all users
Solved: 8 Years ago
thread option is solved

only avatar problem is left.
Solved: 8 Years ago
For your avatar problem it seems you are allowing avatars without any limitations. You need to set both size and dimension restrictions so that they do not go out of place, also I believe the theme might be playing a part as it is not restricting the avatar to its box.

To restrict the avatar size:
AdminCP >> Configuration >> User Registration and Profile Options >>
Maximum Avatar Dimensions: 100x100
Max Uploaded Avatar Size: 10
Avatar Resizing Mode: Automatically resize (Needs php's image manipulation enabled)

You will then have to remove that user's avatar as the above settings will work for new avatars and not existing ones.

To check your theme's templates make sure your Post Bit Templates>postbit_avatar has the following (especially the bold part)

Quote:<a href="{$post['profilelink_plain']}"><img src="{$post['avatar']}" alt="" {$avatar_width_height} /></a>
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