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Looking for Advertisers for MapleStory Private server / Forum
Hello Im looking for people to help Spread the word on the services i provide

If you choose to work with me ill make you a forum moderator and if you want a GM in my maplestory Private server

Its really easy simply go to my forum And spread the link

And if you want to possibly start getting paid heres what i suggest
Register an account at the forum
Find the UserCP and look for your friend referral link
Give that to members so when they register it adds +1 referral to your account
Also if you post alot and encourage your members to post alot it will increase your chances ALOT

So please join the forum and post good quality things to help everybody and get paid as an advertiser
Big Grin I remember hosting a MS Private Server in the old days. What's the version of your server? I could never attempt to get it over v83.. Sad One of the reasons I stopped.
[Image: GpMplayconnecSQt.gif]
mine accualy is v83 i have the ability to upgrade to v88 or even v102 which is 1.02 i believe but my users told me to stay at v83 because any version past that the files become to big so making updates to the wz file is hell and my v83 server has 0 bugs and glitches as far as i know
But i do wish i was more popular and to any person that would help i would greatly appreciate it.

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