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Buying Ads on MyBB related forums
Buying Ads on MyBB related forums.

Please PM me your prices and a screenshot of your stats.
[Image: premium_mybb_themes-500x100.png]
MyBB Addons
MyBB Hacks
MyBB Codes
MyBB Community

^You Can Contact All Of Those People^
Thanks, I've contacted most of those already, and a few of those I hadn't tried. I'd still like more though, so anyone who has a decent sized forum that is MyBB related or has MyBB forum owners, please do PM me.
[Image: premium_mybb_themes-500x100.png]
Then there's: (It's a French Forum) ( IT's a free forum hosting site, but I don't know if it's active) (It's probably the good if your advertising Audentio Toungue ) (It's in another language) (Your probably competing with them though Toungue )

And a few more I guess Toungue
[Image: wPk6qao.png]
Advertise at: ?

PM me if interested. We get about 200,000 to 500,000 hits monthly.
Want to advertise on :
let me know if your interested Smile

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