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Not Solved Modify index page
Not Solved

I've been looking into the templates for so long and can't suss out which template I need to edit to change the look of the index page, the page with the list of forums, last post by etc etc....
Not Solved
You need to edit the CSS part, not the templates.

ACP > Templates & Style > Themes > Your Theme > Global.css > Advanced Mode
Not Solved
These are Forum Bit Templates > forumbit_depth2_cat, forumbit_depth2_lastpost, forumbit_depth2_forum templates.
Not Solved
I want to change the folder icons to text instead. One saying NO NEW POSTS and the other saying NEW POSTS
Not Solved
Deleting those off.gif, offlock.gif and on.gif from ./images/YOUR_THEME/ folder should change that area to text.

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