Plugin that creates thread tags and forum tags
I need a plugin which automatically creates thread and forum tags, displayed at the bottom of the forum like this:

[Image: 24exbvp.jpg]

Has anyone made a plugin like this for MyBB? The above is a screenshot of a VBulletin plugin
We have one for our subscribers at :
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(10-25-2011, 01:52 AM)exdiogene Wrote: We have one for our subscribers at :
Advanced Thread Tags

share the download here. Its asking to pay subscription there.
it's a paid plugin... you need to be subscriber on that site to be able to download.
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i forgot the name but there was a free plugin for this
^ may be this => MyBB tags plugin
(02-14-2016, 06:47 AM).m. Wrote: ^ may be this => MyBB tags plugin

Yes something like this, it would automatically generate tags ,no need to manual add.
Hello there -

Has anybody continued the task to maintain MyBB Tags plugin? I'm barely learning PHP, JS, CSS so that I can customize my own, but I feel this plugin should continue to be maintained. Nowadays, users would rather click on tags than to type words in a search box. For instance, some of the items that I'm looking for are:

- The ability to have admins and moderators add tags only.
-Benefit: a forum without tags all over the place.
- The ability to enable/disable auto-tags based upon the thread title
-Benefit: no more "bad tags" list.

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