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Buying posts
I am buying posts for
The offer is 1000 posts for $5.

-I will not pay for any 1 or 2 word posts such as: "cool", "lol, okay", "awesome", "Thanks!"
-I will not pay for any completely useless posts such as: "Wow, that's cool", "Oh, okay, fare enough!" or "That is so awesome!"
-All posts must be high quality and contribute to the discussion with a minimum of 15-20 words.
-You must use an avatar and signature (can not be advertisement)
-You must NOT already be a member at my forum.

NOTE: If any guidelines are broken or I deem your posts to not be of a high standard I will not pay you.

I will pay you once you have done the posts and the payment mode will be alertpay only!

This offer is only available for a limited time!
I would make 200 posts for 5$ .

You have to lower your price dude i dont think someone will participate.
1000 posts for only $5? AND you want the posts to be high-quality, minimum 15-20 words each? Lmfao, such wishful-thinking.

You're a savage.

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