Use portal as home page outside forum
Hey it's ok. you just need to add this to your file

DirectoryIndex portal.php index.php ,Make sure it's called .htaccess
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it seems like majority of the code is already implemented in 1.8

i only edited the portal.php so far

yet to test the quick logon.
My forum is on subdomain so i have my site in directory /forums and my portal on the root public_html, I am using mybb 1.8.5 and can't seem to get it to work correctly, I am already logged in and it doesn't show my user information.

What i did was move portal.php to /root and rename portal.php to index.php and inside the file i did what you said:
file/folder changes
$parser = new postParser;

add after:
global $theme;
$theme['imgdir'] = $forumdir.'/'.substr($theme['imgdir'],0);

Not sure exactly what i did wrong.

the login function in the js file is differen't in mybb 1.8.5
Ok i am having an issue with the new version of mybb,

on portal it will show as guest even though i'm logged in or even if i login.

My cookie settings are because my forum is on a subdomain

You say to change the cookie path to /
when i change the cookie path to / I cannot Login or Logout.

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