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Not Solved How To Find This Ad
Not Solved
[Image: acbxhh.png]

Please see the above image, an advert shows in every threads FIRST POST, just the first post, how can I find the code to delete to remove this advert? I only need this deleting in this theme so I can't uninstall the plugin (

I can't seem to find it in showthread or postbit and I'm not sure where it'll be.

Thanks a lot!

Not Solved
Use the plugin:
Not Solved
I've installed it, it just does the same thing mate, shown on both themes. Can anyone help?

Not Solved
Are you asking how to remove the ad from that theme? A link to your forum would help.
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.
Not Solved
Yes that's what I'm asking mate, my forum is

It's the GoMobile theme I'm trying to remove the ad from Smile thanks very much
Not Solved
^ templates are not modified by that plugin ; code in plugin file needs modification ...
Not Solved
You only need one thread for this -

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