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Not Solved In need of more avatar selection
Not Solved

When a new user logs into my forum, there is a very limited avatar list for the user to choose from.

Can somebody kindly recommend a plugin or something else that would allow for many more avatars to choose from when a user is setting up her/her profile?

Not Solved
Take what you like, and upload them to /images/avatars/
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Not Solved
Hello. Thanks for your response.

I was wondering - as an admin, I'd like to provide all users with a large selection of avatars to choose from when they are in the "Change Avatar" section of the user profile. So, when the user is registering, he/she can choose from a long list of avatars. Is there a recommended way to upload into /images/avatars a LARGE number of avatars so that the user can simply choose from the list?

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Well, if you have a large number of avatars, then just ftp them up.
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Thanks Malcom...but it would be great to be able to find a large avatar listing (folder download) and upload them via FTP...instead of saving one by one, you know?

Anybody else have any suggestions? Thanks.
Not Solved
Allow your users to upload their own avatars, or to link to them, this is the easiest way to do it & no user is going to complain!
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