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Looking for a theme designer
I am looking for a themes designer for mybb forum and wordpress blog. I want to have same design in two theme and i want to have a pro theme (mean don't look like a normal theme).

Contact to me with pm. I will give more info and msn or gmail. We can talk about price there. I will pay good if i like theme.

Waiting your reply,

Looking a designer for header and logo too. But it will not ready before sunday.
Or if you want some cheaper then go with
Are you looking for design, Or do you have a design and need it coded?

Design is $50.00 USD
Coding is $75.00 USD

Payment is determined by your satisfaction and use of given materials.
how many money are you willing to spend?
(11-09-2011, 12:05 AM)Ultimated Wrote: how many money are you willing to spend?

100-150 for a pro themes (mybb and wordpress)

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