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We Will Be Heard - Metal Forum

What do you think of my new forum, ? It's about heavy metal music / hard rock / etc.

Electro Jams - Electronic jam bands, electronica, IDM, techno, dubstep, you name it
Dreadlock Forums - A site for people with dreadlocks
Nice template!
Looks good. Nice work.
Only thing I may change are the icons next to "Search, Memberlist, Calendar, Help" - their backgrounds aren't properly transparent/don't match their background. Also, I 'may' change their orange text color to something else that stands out a bit more. The orange works fine everywhere else, but with "Search, Memberlist, etc," it tends to blend in with the background a bit too much.
Hey, Mr. Feather!
Being a Metal Guitarist I am obligated to join. Big Grin

Your site is nice but I can't say I like the theme.
Do NOT PM me for Support!
Great job with your site! I really like the logo! Smile
Which mod did you use to get those overview stats at the bottom?
I really like that, nice colors

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