Poll Colors
How can I change the color of the poll results. For example; each graph line will be a different color?

[Image: ev2vxx.jpg]

Yaldaram, very cool stuff. Is there a way that we can keep it a little more simple by just having each bar its own color?
This is what I ended up getting.

How do I get multiple colors?

[Image: 10cq87m.jpg]
I just realized that the poll does not reflect the colors while using the plug in "Poll on index"

In the actual thread, it does. But not on our index or portal page.

Is there any way to fix that?

You can see our poll at tortoiseinfo.org
Please use this thread for further support: http://community.mybb.com/thread-107458.html

Also if you give demo account then it would be good to see and vote in the polls.
If you wanted just to change the original bar color, then you could just apply some color to the poll bar images in photoshop or similar.
But Yaldarams thread is pritty neat, i like Big Grin

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