Not Solved Need some assist on new forum.
Not Solved
Hello, im sorry for just registering here and ask for help the first thing I do. But it's the first time i'm using mybb and I thought why not give a shot here for some assist!

First of all, domain is :

I've redesigned the layout a bit, colors etc.

First issue;
my httaccess file is messing up, when I redirect the domain to the images is gone and as soon as you go from the forums to the portal you logout. Try and see. Compared to go straight to it's very bugged. My htaccess looks like this:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?$
RewriteRule ^(/)?$ forums/portal.php [L]

Second issue;
My attempt to swap logo worked but i'm really sure its the wrong way.
I've just replaced the logo.png with a bigger image, I had no idea where to edit as the logo and the rest of the header was splitted into two and my logo was just in 1 part.

Third issue;
This is a bit harder I think. I'd want to redesign the menu totally. What should I search for to do it? Or if anyone has the freetime to do it either for free or for a small amount of penny's im very happy for it.

Changes would be to remove all those calenders etc and add 'Private Messages', 'Profile' etc in just one menu instead of having two lines of menu.

4th issue and the last:
Between the menu and the box containing the forum there's a gap. Which doesn't really look too amazing, how do I remove this ugly text between the section and menu?

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