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I noticed the same thing. Sad
Do NOT PM me for Support!
hmmm what time was this?? i havent had an email from my host saying they had some issues Sad hope its just a one off.

Also added to is a directory where you can submit your mybb powered forum Smile - the free hosting community
Best not worry, all seems fine now. Smile
Do NOT PM me for Support!
Toungue has a new look - Please head over and see MyBBlog - the free hosting community
I like the new theme. Smile
Do NOT PM me for Support!
You should update WordPress to 2.0.4:
looking for someone to look after the blog side of things ;

if your interested please me me here or on Smile thanks - the free hosting community
Check Out the forum , Ryan Ashbrook ( co admin ) has added some of his ideas Smile - the free hosting community
Just to let you all know christian is now a super mod on

Also Ryan has mad a few cosmetic changes to the forum Smile so do come and check them out - the free hosting community

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