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The Lol House- House of Laughs
The Lol House

The Lol House is a new humour forum founded by Steven Kippax(StevenF50). We run on the mybb forum software with the premium theme Glowing, kindly provided by our former admin GAF. Our aim is to make a forum that will leave you laughing your heads off but what would be funny about a humour forum with no content? It wouldn't be would it so you, yes you reading this very message need to change that by signing up to the forum. Welcome to the house, the house of laughs. I dare you to not laugh after browsing the forum.

Please join now at the following link The Lol House for the laugh of your life.

Information Center

Want to learn about The Lol House then continue reading. We were founded in October 2011 and then around a month later we opened our doors.

The current staff team consists of two administrators: StevenF50(Founder) and Base(Co-Owner). The people who were once staff members but have left us are as following: GAF(Who was the previous co-owner). Thanks to the current staff and previous staff for your work.

Got any questions? Use this thread or if you want anonymousy email the founder at: [email protected]
Hmm. MyWOT flags your Forum red.

Well obviously the old user of the domain has got it flagged. Coz norton does not throw a fit and if Norton didnt find it then it isnt there.
Change out all of the black for a happier, more cheerful color (or colors) that coordinates / compliments all other used colors. Black is the opposite of the concept for your site. 1/10
This is my MyBB signature. Smile
I am probably older than you.
I took a look.
Went to the first joke I saw, -

Quote:If you’re too open-minded, your brains will fall out.

It's not a joke at all, it's a quote by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
Unoriginal "jokes" (if they are in the first place), name that doesn't appeal, - definitely not the "laugh of my life".
@BR Glowing is a great theme, don't know if it would work if I changed the black and green to a different colour scheme.
@Richard I think you decided to look for the least funny joke and did I make that post, no, I'm not going to remove a post just coz it aint funny. Have you bothered to check this section:

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