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IdealForums : A place where everything becomes a discussion
[Image: di-V1FL.jpg]

This website is a general discussion forum powered with MyBB forum software. The concept and idea was created when I saw various niche forums and thought of combining all the niche's in one forum. I know that this is not a unique idea but with your support we could be a awesome forum.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! and I spent hours thinking of a good domain name, getting decent hosting, and setting up the forum.
Now, we have a fantastic domain name, a great web hosting, and a dedicated admin to keep the forum alive


We are hoping to become a big and active site, so why don't you sign up and have a look around

Current forums statistics:
Members: 104
Threads: 567
Posts: 3,381


What are you waiting for? Go register!

"Comments are closed on this thread."
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Copying hackforums forum description isn't good.
Labrocca may send a DMCA notice.
I would suggest you to write your own forum descriptions.

Otherwise, forum looks good Smile
I would advise to stop copying hackforums. labrocca's not gonna be happy when he sees this.
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Even the welcome PM is copied.

Welcome to the #1 most friendly community online. We thank you for joining and ask that you take a few moments to read some help files including our rules and etiquette page.
Also it would be wonderful if you posted in the introductions forum so members can get to know you.
Please note that new members that don't follow our rules and policies will quickly have their accounts closed. This includes specifically trolling, flaming and low-quality posting.
Thank you,
Ideal Forums
I have had a talk with labrocca and everything will be fixed soon. Smile The thread will be updated once things are sorted on the forum..
Till then "Comments are closed on this thread."
The forum has been edited and labrocca is fine with it..
"This thread is now open to comments".
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
But now I am not heck okay with it.

You ripped off sections and EVEN THEIR DESCRIPTIONS from my site,


[Image: 086c95453040433d80e1b82.png]

[Image: 20b87ea828b14c5f98803ee.png]

These are just general sections, am sure you ripped off a lot.

Labrocca raged you means you'll copy from other forums? I had very doubt on your from start only. I'll give you 24 hours to remove after which I'd send a DMCA.

edit: Even graphics and all tabs have descriptions and names leeched from over UB.

You know, how you want me or anyone to believe to join someone's community who doesn't even know to write forum's descriptions on own? Think and answer yourself, not to me.

I'll give you 24 hours to remove ALL things copied over from UB because am raged like anything now, or I'll send the DMCA.
The tabs and everything are general things and no one has any copyright over them.. also the descriptions have been fixed...
"Comments are closed on this thread."

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