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Not Solved Forum on a site?
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(11-26-2011, 10:45 PM)Paul H. Wrote: You want your main site theme integrated with the forum?

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[Image: zhNrJ0E8suj0K7eZdlXe-1DjTKQ6mTl-sqIn7eg8...TC=w300-rw]
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If you want the theme to match you're going to need to find a Mybb design company and pay them to do it. Or, study up and do it yourself.

I Recommend:
-Jason L.

All very talented designers.
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Or you can try to use some plugins such as the page manager and just use a MyBB theme to create a site around that using the plugin. (It's free but will be somewhat annoying getting everything completely setup correctly like how you want). You'll need to know some basic HTML to do it that way however.

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