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[For 1.6] [Release] - Showteam Disabled - Block Certain Groups To View Showteam Page
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Author: Pratik Unadkat (crazy4cs)
Author site:
License: Attached inside zip.

Description: Showteam Disabled plugin allows administrator to block certain specified usergroups to view showteam.php page.

This plugin comes with a full language support.



Installation instructions:

1. Unzip the archive.
2. Upload shtd.php inside the inc/plugins/ folder which we just extracted now to (root)./inc/plugins directory of your website's server.
3. Now upload inc/languages/english/shtd.lang.php to ./inc/languages/english/ directory of your web server.
4. Go to ACP > Plugins and find Showteam Disabled setting and activate it.
5. Next, proceed to ACP > Settings > Configuration and find Showteam Disabled settings and configure settings.
6. Done.


Anyone who have downloaded this, the below but not limited to rules applies to them:

1. Not distributed under GNU/GPL.
2. You may modify the codes or plugin for your personal use but cannot claim it to be own or remodify and sell or reproduce under any cirumstances.
3. Free to edit for personal use but not distributing to plugin by modifying any codes.

Support would be provided here.


Submitted on mods site, till then, download the below attachment:

.zip   Showteam (Size: 55.94 KB / Downloads: 134)

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