[Request] Huge mod! Willing to pay! :D
Attention all you awsome modders out there! Cool I would like a mod! I want a registration system for my lanparty that could go with the MyBB portal - Much like the one Quakecon uses. (although, theirs is vBulliten).
Just so you guys can see how the Quakecon registration system works.. First you have to register on the forums, then you can register for the event (on the right)... When registering, you have to fill out your hardware info etc... once you click submit, it automaticly adds you to the Attendee list. Once a certain number of spots have been filled, the waiting list starts. You can also un-register yourself, and edit your hardware...

I would like something very similar to this, and I'm willing to pay... if you think you can do it, please PM me, and we can set up a price (somewhere around $10-$20 sound fair?)

Post any comments/questions here..

Please Sad

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