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Are these bots?
Hello, I've noted on my forum an increase of the online guests lately, if I click 'Who's online', I can see that some of them have similar IPs or in their position have: Reading Thread, Printing Thread, Searching, etc, but not all of them say: Reading thread THREADNAME, Viewing Profile USERNAME.
Is it possible that they are bots? If so, and this isn't a good thing, how could I avoid them?

P.s. I prevent bots registering by using reCaptcha, it solved the problem a bit some months ago, now there isn't a big registering of bots, it's just these online users. I was going to ask you to be more sure about my forum security.

URL to who's online:
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It could just be search engines or legitimate guests.

If they are spam bots, unless they are registering and causing problems you can just ignore them.
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Thank you, I don't think they are search engines, because usually I get something like: Google bot, yahoo! bot etc
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Your forumis spam attacted.

Similar problem was happened here check-

Hope you got it now. Smile
In my case they aren't registering, should I search some ip in stopforumspam ?
And, if is a spam attack, should I just ignore them?
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Baidu has many IP's that are similar, as do other search engines. It's almost certainly safe to ignore this.
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Thank you all, so Wink
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