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MyBB Rox!
A site me and Paul H. created, it is now powered by MyBB and features an awesome CMS we created that will allow us to promote a thread to an article with a custom moderator option. We may release this features as a plugin at a future time once we get everything ironed out and working properly Big Grin

(2011-11-30, 08:37 PM)Paul H. Wrote: Jake Booher and I are launching an all-new website, At MyBB Rox, there will be MyBB tutorials, news, speculation, must-haves, interviews, and heck, just anything MyBB!

We hope MyBB Rox will be a place where you stop to discover awesome things about MyBB!

We launched today with an interview with Nathan Malcolm, the newest member of MyBB's SQA team.

Domain idea courtesy of mybbsux Toungue
As happy as I'm sure you are, you already have a 40k view thread in the general area. Let's practice what we preach hey and not spam Smile
[Image: mybbsig.php]
Not spamming. This is the showcase board to showcase your forum, which is what i'm doing Big Grin. Paul chose to put a thread in the GD board for his own reasons, I only have one thread pertaining to it Wink

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