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Photography forum
hello everyone just started my photography forum. All photography lovers are invited. Don't have those picture just sitting on your PC, come and showcase them.

constructive criticism is always invitedSmile
Seems nice. Advertise it on tumblr, my suggestion.
(2011-12-09, 11:33 PM)Irreligious Wrote: Seems nice. Advertise it on tumblr, my suggestion.

thanks will do
You have too many forums, ditch the other ones. Work your way on building content and add forums as you go on. A startup forum goes 8-10 sections and 2-3 categories.
Looks professional.

I suggest:

1. Only one gallery forum
2. Remove Tips & Tricks, it is duplicates General Photography
3. change Editors Corner to Software
4. Move Requests and Suggestions to the top section.

And most important, find a couple other photo people to hang out with you and build content. Do you have any friends who can do that?

Anyway, best of luck. Your forum looks great.
Great idea Smile
I hope you get more visitors Wink
Rasmus Lerdorf Wrote:If eval() is the answer, you're almost certainly asking the wrong question. - Rasmus Lerdorf
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I really like the logo. The colours of the entire site are great. I think the header is a little bit more bigger and bare than it should be though.
great feedback guys. I'll do my best to consider all of your suggestions.Smile
Looks like you removed the new post/no new posts/locked icons (why?), and the table is still there, with an empty space.

Yeah, too many forums for a starter board. I love photographing, I might join it!
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