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Private Messaging Spammer "pendabeko"
pendabeko Wrote:HELLO,

It's my pleasure to write you at this moment.My name is miss penda i saw your profile today on and i wish to request for your true friendship.I have an important reason of contacting you and i hope we can share great experiences together beyond here. Write to me direct to my e-mail boxSad[email protected]) and i will send you my picture for you to know whom i am, thanks for your understanding. I wish to hear from you soon, God bless you.

Yours friend,

Message from my inbox

Someone ban this guy obvious he is a bot Exclamation
Dealt with.

They had contacted around 35 members with the same message, so thanks for reporting.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
No problem glad i could help ! Big Grin

And by the way how come private messages doesn't have a report button i tried to find it lol
Because the feature hasn't been implemented Smile Probably will be in a future release though.
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