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Mail doesn't work & bots gets through reCaptcha II and III
(2011-12-13, 07:26 AM)Viqing Wrote:
(2011-12-12, 09:09 AM)crazy4cs Wrote:
(2011-12-12, 06:18 AM)Viqing Wrote:
Quote:MyBB was unable to send the email using the PHP mail() function.
Not like that's a very descriptive error, butBig Grin

I'll try setting up a SMTP server.
Your host might have disabled php send mail function, try contacting him.

It's a VPS, so I've got root access.
PHP sendmail seem to be activated by the PHP configuration, and like I said earlier it works with the example code found here :o.
Just doesn't work for myBB... Toungue

Yes, that's the only plugin I've installed so far after Ranji's link to a somewhat similar thread about my (spambot-) issue.
It sure is/seem great! Smile

The mail problem is most definitely a miconfiguration. Try sending a bunch of emails then check the Apache/PHP logs for any better errors Smile

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