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SRPlugins - Plugins and themes!
[Image: logo.png]
SRPlugins is a site by me, where I release plugins and tutorials and where I take requests. Other users can also contribute by submitting plugins and completing requests.

If you sign up, be sure to say hello!

I can see the theme, just a default-no style like one.
New theme released the everybody, developers group released. Apply within.
Simple but good theme. But try making it more unique.

Also, when you make some tutorials, try to explain things better.

No offense , but MyBB wiki has lot more info on basics of plugin development that this tutorial.
The tutorial don't even have info about install, uninstall, is_installed, activate and deactivate functions. Sad
kavin, please refresh, I forgot to set the new theme for everybody.

Also, I plan to add to the tutorial later on, it was sort of a rush.

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