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Theme maker wanted, paid.
Although i have no idea what theme makers ask. But ive seen some sites where you can purchase them for 25 dollar.
I give 25 dolars, transferred by paypal as gift. But, you can after you made it do with it what you want.
it doesnt need to be a private theme for my site only. read the whole topic for details!
if youre experienced and want it done for more, then im open for offers.
Its for my website (please visit)

I like about the theme that is now set:
The transparant frame.
the text+icons above for searching, memberlist ect.

What i want plus what i like above:
-A space theme. Black and white as base.
-With planets as forum logos. (for example dead planet or desert as locked forum, very colorrich planet as new posts and gray planet as no new posts. these are just suggestions, but i do want to have planets as forum logos.)
-With a Planet in the top right corner, with 3 laserbeams coming out of it, like this: but i want a planet in the top right corner thats not just a satelite photo but more something colorful with maybe some clouds visible, like this:
The planet is in the top right corner so it does not need to be an round image. i dont want to see the whole planet, just a part. dont know how else to say this ^^
The background of the site can be stars or static or whatever spacelike. but please make it a bit so that it fits well with the transparant frame for the forum and does not make topic and text hard to read.
For the rest, be creative. also be creative with the forum logo, its your choice but please take time to make it top notch Smile

I pay when its done and the way i like it, with paypal as gift. i can promise i wont be an banana and forever say "i dont like it". i have enough reputation on other forums. look up my username.
With saying "im not an easy person" means i just want it the way i like it. for example once you give me your made theme i maybe see i want a bit of more clouds on the planet logo or something like that. The final details....
Its a theme that does not need to be private. you can share it whoever you want under your own license. But i dont want to see your name on my forum, since i pay for it. I do maybe want to chance something later, so i want to be free to edit it. i wont redistribute it.
And you probaly would earn at least a topic of that you made it. Just not some permanent line in the index of the forum.

If you sound like you want to do this for me, then great!Smile
PM me, and give me some examples of stuff youve made. doesnt need to be themes. can also be images, art ect. if youre not really experienced i cant promise if i will pay you if im not statisfied. im not looking for someone with only MS paint skills ^^.
But if you still want to try, you can ofcource. but no guarantees. I can guarantee and "hire" you if youve shown your skills first, then il just accept you as what you have done before, and definatly pay after its done.

Sorry for the bad english by the way ^^

ask away, if youre not sure about something i said or an other overall question.

Again, im open to offers or custom rules, but to ask more money yourself and add own rules, you better have experience.
Thanks, Borg.
Your forum url is wrong.
25 is way under most theme designers minimal charge. Secondly, $5 if you're wowed? I've had a client add an extra $160 because I surprised him with such a great designs. Anyway, you should be wowed in the first place, not pay extra for it.

I myself charge upwards of $140.
(12-16-2011, 11:53 PM)Omar G. Wrote: Your forum url is wrong.

How is my forum url wrong?Confused
It works?
Anyway theres no way im paying 140 dollar for a theme.
But il make it 25 dollar..

But thanks for the insight.
Maybe some theme creator who makes free themes will visit this page and thinks "hmm yes" ^^
Ask Him Charges only $20 Wink
You can PM, if you want to. Although I just do simple themes for this kind of price, ask me for examples via pm.
another guy said the link was not working.
Whats wrong with it?
why cant you guys access it? i had 2 guys including me from different devices ad countries successfully visitted the website.

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