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Enigmal.ORG - Sciences Discussions
[Image: ijV1WEg4RWMt4.png]

Hey all. Check out my sciences discussion forum!

What we are about: Fun discussions to stimulate your brain and debating subjects.

Why should you join us: I do many giveaways on our forum. Current one is to win a MineCraft account. Also, we will be recruiting staff very shortly once we reach 50 members.

My Twitter:
Check us out, please! We're going to be having a new contest very soon!
Quote:Why should you join us: I do many giveaways on our forum...


To offer my constructive criticism, you should not look for members by holding giveaways, not for your genre anyway. Your sole reason, as it is apparent to me in this thread (and as quoted above), is to have people join your forum for the giveaways you are holding, not for the quality and uniqueness of content you may have to offer. Don't waste your money on giveaways to gain a following, gain a following, and maybe offer them a giveaway for their continued support. My point is, work on the content of your forum, and search for quality members in a way where you can attract them to your forum by what you have to offer from the community, not what you can bribe them with.

Best of luck with your forum.
Imad Jomaa.

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